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The idea of ​​founding and emerging the Atieh Middle East Company, is influenced by its founders’ commitment to “sustainable employment” and “indigenous production”. These indices are as two essential components of the national economy. According to official statistics, this region has the highest unemployment rate and, of course, their need for employment measures and plans is a clear and urgent necessity. The end product is also a symbol of the Iranian will in the realization of a resistance economy, and so it is worth to note that the idea of ​​establishing a complex, providing the initial capital and purchasing and building more than 90% of the equipment needed, all relying on our power and domestic products. Also manufacture, assembly and installation of all equipment and machinery has also been done by domestic experts and professionals. And for the first time, in line with provincial policies and programs, efforts were made to make the Atieh Middle East Company as the first steel product unit in industrial estates. It is expected that this important achievement be as a pioneer and model for encouraging other investors in industrial estates.

Atieh Middle East Company Dates

Justification 2013

Providing Comprehensive Design 2013

Budgeting 2013

Taking Construction Licensing 2013

Specifying land for Construction 2013

Final Design 2013

Starting construction of Company 2013

Opening the Company 2016

Company Photo Gallery


Dear Dr. Aziz Ghavnati

Duration: Since July 2019
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