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Annual General Assembly of Atieh Middle East Company Company was held

The annual general meeting of the Atieh Middle East Company was held on Saturday, August 12th, at the Atieh Middle East Company. Engineer Amin Far, Chairman of the Board of Directors had a friendly greeting with the audience at the beginning of the Board of Directors meeting, then Mr. Mohammadi, former Managing Director, presenting a report on the extensive activities of Atiyeh Steel Company in particularly the growth of production and profitability.

Important reports provided by Engineer Mohammadi in 2018:
development of electric room ventilation systems and motors by installing coolers, ducts and false ceilings
Staging for middle and eastern part of overhead cranes
Protections and platforms in all areas of the line
Setting up of technical office and documentation of different parts of the complex from identifying all parts and providing maps to organizing production process registration forms as well as setting up inspection and planning system
Purchase and install new equipment such as CNC machine, heavy lathe and boring in lathe workshop to prepare equipment special roller bearing equipment, 100 ton puller and bending rebar in quality control unit, guillotine, transfer machine, furnace door sling and .. on the production line.

Developing green space and creating environmental lighting and development, launching rebar counting system using artificial intelligence as a new knowledge-based technology Development of human resources from two shifts to three shifts for continuous production

The inspector and the statutory auditor then submitted a financial statement review report, with the financial statements ending March 20,2019 and it was approved by shareholders. The shareholders also selected SAMT Newspaper for advertising and company announcements. Then, Aziz Ghanawati, the CEO of Atieh Middle East Company said: I appreciated Mr Mohammadi and other people who help that this company reaches to this success and can be known in domestic market.
Atieh Middle EastCEO further unveiled the company’s goals for the year 2019 and added:
We will have a greater market share in the steel market today with the use of efficient forces in production, mechanics and power plants as well as the design and production of 10, 36, 40 and 48 rebar units.
Ghanavati also described the goals of the company in the field of commerce and added expanding international markets and exports to neighboring countries and attending national and international exhibitions and increased cooperation with Iraqi companies is one of the goals of 2019.
At the end, Dr. Ghanavati highlighted the threats and opportunities that the Atieh Middle EastCompany faced this year.
Then , the Atieh Middle EastCompany CEO, along with all the shareholders and guests, and Engineer Amini Far, Chairman of the Board, Engineer Mohammadi and other members of the Board of Directors and a group of executives visited the company’s production line.

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