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Release Steel Company from circulars

Gostaresh News Exclusive interview with Atieh Middle EastCompany CEO on the eve of Industry & Mine Day: Release Steel Company from circulars .”According to the current condition of Steel Company and without any attention to the latest technologies, enacting laws momentarily and non-operational circulars is one of the most important challenges for the mining sector,” said Ghanavati.

Gostaresh News: Aziz Ghanavati, Managing Director of Atieh Middle EastCompany, said in an interview with Gostaresh News: “I want to say Congratulations the Day of Industry and Mine to all those who try for this great industry from mining to end products, workers and those working on the Steel and Industrial industry.”
We have had a military war before, and now we are facing with an economic war, and I expect everyone to stand up against sanctions just as the militants of the 8-year-war have resisted, and now I ask all those who assist in the country’s industry with patience and resistance to disappoint the enemy by patience, resistance and localization
He added: “I urge the authorities to help the producers patiently and to hear the words.” We need to make the industry move toward improvement, and where the laws of the country cannot work, allowing the craftsmen themselves to accomplish their initiative.

Comments should be used so that the manufacturer can solve the problem and get up to a modern technical consensus. We don’t have to pay attention to craftsmen one day a year. Every month we have to do it. Today is industry day, and we have to listen to the craftsmen.
Non-operational circulars of steel company

Asked what is the most important challenge facing steel today, he said: “Given the current condition and if we don’t want to mention the latest technologies, one of the major challenges is the mining sector. Ghavati said. “The ministry and the government already have an acceptable relationship with the Steel and Producers Association, and the amount of support for working capital is good, but there needs to be supported more and more for this industry.
According to the surplus of steel, we have to facilitate exports, and if not, given the surplus we have, it can be said that one of these challenges is steel surpluses. He added that neighboring countries such as Iraq may not have the capacity of up to 5,000 tons in all of their steel companies because of small steel companies such.

The diplomacy system should have a negotiation to adjust tariffs to control industry and market especially if domestic prices are too low can strongly effect on exports. Although these problems should be solved quickly. “The steel industry is like an organism, and we have to do various experiments to not allow it to need medicine,” he said. We have to solve the problems of the steel industry very quickly so that the industry moves forward. Many steel companies still have empty capacity and they need some preparation to reach their nominal capacity. In general, the challenges of the Iranian steel industry can be stated in the four issues: export and exporters’ problems, laws, tariffs, diplomacy, domestic low prices (stability of domestic rates), which are among the major challenges and major problems at present.

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