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All our Stocks will be Provided by Private Sector

Aziz Ghanavati, managing director of Atieh Middle East Company, said in an interview with Gostaresh News: “Atieh Middle East is not currently on the stock exchange but we plan to invest. All investments in Atieh Middle East has been provided by the investor of the company itself through its earnings. We have not received cheap facilities from the banking system and all of its stocks are provided by the private sector and shareholders. “We hope steel companies will not only need external parts but also produce parts internally and create jobs,” he said.
90% of our parts production is domestic. We play an important role in creating employment. Now if there is a change in the industry and all the parts needed by all the mines, folks and industries are provided in the country, be sure there is a movement in the country. The movement was created right now by the Steel Association and officials.
In response to the question of where the raw materials of the Atieh Middle East will be supplied, Khuzestan Provincial Development Authority said: “We supply 100% of the raw material from Khuzestan steel.” Special thanks to Khuzestan Steel Company for having a closeand close relationship with us. Stating that we compete with Turkish, Ukrainian and Chinese companies in terms of quality, we are competing with foreign competitors in the current situation due to the low production cost. This is a situation where almost all of our products are manufactured with native equipment and technology. Ghanavati added: 90% of our products are exported to different countries and the remaining 10% is spent on projects needed in the country.

Atieh Middle East company developed Khuzestan province employment and investment
with this method.

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