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Atieh Middle East Company Director: We will export 90% of the products

According to the report of Khuzestan Sarafraz, at the Khuzestan Steel Exhibition, Aziz Ghavnati stated that the Atieh Middle EastCompany was an idea put forward by the steel executives and was launched in year 2013 and was operated in 2016 by the Minister. He added that production of this company is rebar and with annual capacity of 4,000 tons. Managing director of Atieh Steel Company pointed out the purpose of establishing this company in industrial city No. 5 is desirable and adjacent to Khuzestan steel as raw material supplier. “Access to the Persian Gulf freeway and ports is important that made us start production in year 2016, he said. Another goal is to create jobs in Khuzestan, and about 99% of labors are locally native.
Atieh Middle East CEO said that: we have 350 personnel in the company and between eight to ten people works indirectly. He added: We started to export 95% of our production had been exported to Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Installation, design, and preparation has been accomplished domestically and not only we do not need to buy foreign parts but also we import foreign currency. Atieh Middle EastCompany CEO She added: The 5,000-ton steel sheet company and rolling mill are plans and projects for the company to follow. Ghavati said the Graphic and Sheet plant construction project will be followed with an investment of € 5 million.
He noted that because the company was created by experienced steel executives, it strengthened the national knowledge of the field, and applying native knowledge and a combination of foreign knowledge could accelerate production plans so that sanctions would have no impact on our work process. “one of the designs of this industry will be started this year,” he said. Atieh Middle EastCEO explains about future plans for the company and added: we intend to open a sales office in Baghdad, Iraq, to ​​increase export products to northern and southern areas of Iraq.

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